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Dr. Ken Kaufman


the real story

What does it take to create the life you want? 

Is it information? Is it a new gadget? Is it more money? A better job? The unfortunate fact is, is that most people continue to look outside themselves to find the answer when that answer lies inside. The trick is shedding your limiting beliefs, fears, and poor self-images that hold you back. How do you do that? It's critical to recognize where your self-imposed limitations, fears, and poor self-images came from. If you ponder this long enough, you'll realize that they came from the people you surround yourself with, Your Community. If left unguarded, coworkers, family members, friends, or business associates will shape how you view the world around you and, subsequently, how you see yourself. 

What does the world tell you you need to do to address the symptoms of not living to your fullest potential? If you can't sleep, take sleep aids. If you're overweight, eat less and exercise more. Are you depressed? Take antidepressants. What about heart problems? Memory problems? Stress? Anxiety? Once again, the world tells you to seek an outside solution that will address one or two of these symptoms. However, the heart of the problem is that you have suppressed the real, genuine you. 

How do you begin to make drastic changes in your life, allowing you to reveal your true self? 

Align with a positive community. Surround yourself with others that are striving to shed those limiting beliefs, fears, and poor self-images. Surround yourself with a community filled with individuals aiming to live to their fullest potential and simultaneously, supporting and inspiring others.

WellConnected was designed to connect like-minded souls to support each other on the quest for self-actualization. With the recognition of your own awesomeness, we're confident you'll begin to help others in addition to yourself. 

Heather Hackett

the real story

My common denominator has always been helping people. My career path as an entrepreneur has not always been easy, but it's been driven by my insatiable desire to make an impact. 

My first business was I Train Your Kids, where I taught kids and families how to live a healthy, active lifestyle. I then wrote children's books (The Pretty in Me and Shaken by the Silence) through my publishing company, Be Me Books, Inc. I've worked with multiple nonprofit organizations and written curriculum for Funds2Orgs and Robin Shea. 

I discovered my love for writing through trauma. I had no one to talk to and simply learned to exhale through my fingers. Through my writing, I was able to release my fears and hesitations. I was also able to ask and answer every question without judgement, criticism, or opinions of others. It's how I learned to cope and make sense of the world. 

Ironically, my writing has also become my gift to the world. 

The things I'm most proud of are the things that make the biggest impact on others.

If you want someone that’s going to give you “real” information, not something out of a textbook...WellConnected is the place for you. We address topics that make an impact in your daily life. From confidence and self-esteem to supplementation, workouts, and chemicals we find in our food, we provide all information in ways you can understand and easily implement into your life.

We're here to teach you how to be happy, healthy, and confident in your own skin.